Speed interval treadmill workout for ANY level

Speed interval treadmill workout for ANY level

Sometimes running outside just doesn’t happen. Yesterday, I started my first day of an office job (sitting from 9-5!) and it was rainy and gloomy in Boston. By the time I made my way back to my apartment, my muscles were ACHING to move, but the thought of getting 1) muddy and 2) wet and cold discouraged me from trekking outdoors. Instead, I went to the gym in the basement of my apartment building and banged out a quick 4.5 mile run that was actually a lot of fun on the treadmill.


Here’s the workout:

1 mile run — easy pace, flat road

This is your warm up, so take it easy. Perhaps start slower for the first 3-4 minutes, and then increase speed as your mileage increases.

.5 mile — run, flat road

This is your running pace. It is comfortable enough to hold, but challenging enough that you are still working hard.

.25 mile — push, flat road

Your speed is increased to a push pace. This is faster than your running pace but not a sprint.

.25 mile — push HARDER, flat road

This push pace is UNCOMFORTABLE for you to hold. It is not an all-out sprint, but think about a very fast 5k pace. You only hold it for .25 miles, so it is important to push hard here. This is where you get stronger.

Repeat 3x

.5 mile — easy pace, 6% incline

You return to your starting pace on a 6% incline as an active recovery, to get rid of some of the lactic acid that was caused by the fast pace, and to let your heart rate come down while still continuing to push yourself.

BAM! Just like that, you’ve completed 4.5 miles. Check. Done and done. Here is a breakdown of my numbers last night, as a reference…

0-.5 mile — 6.5 speed

.5-1 mile — 7.0 speed

1-1.5 mile — 8.0 speed

1.5 -1.75 mile — 8.5 speed

1.75-2 mile — 9.5 speed

2-2.5 mile — 8.0 speed

2.5 -2.75 mile — 8.5 speed

2.75-3 mile — 9.5 speed

3-3.5 mile — 8.0 speed

3.5 -3.75 mile — 8.5 speed

3.75-4 mile — 9.5 speed

4-4.5 mile — 6.5 speed, 6% incline




Finally, cool down with a few minutes of walking and stretching. If you try this run, let me know. I found it fun and challenging, and the perfect quick, post-work way to sweat!


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