Why you should work out in the morning + how to ACTUALLY make it to class

Why you should work out in the morning + how to ACTUALLY make it to class

So… you work all day. A desk job (thanks corporate America!) leaves you little time to move your body and you sometimes feel sluggish and lazy, even when you’re eating greens at your desk for lunch. This thus forces the devout exerciser two options

  1. Get up early AF for a morning workout/class


      2. Workout after work/attend a night class

I believe the initial option is best. Why?

  • The endorphins will make you feel so great! No coffee, no problem!
  • You can look at your co-workers with a sense of pride all day. What have you done already? I’ve basically a marathon, no biggie.
  • After work, call it quits. Days are long and stressful, and the thought of “needing” to go to the gym or attend a class can weigh on your mind all day. This may cause unneeded stress, or even a late cancel or no show to a class. Post-work can become a time for self-care: maybe meditation, a bath, some Netflix, a book, or however best you enjoy unwinding.
  • It’s better for your body. Countless studies have proven the benefits of working out in the morning, plus night-time workouts can be shown to throw off circadian rhythms and our body’s internal clocks. This means your sleep troubles may just be due to the pumping music and strobe lights of the boutique class you just finished.

These, and many more reasons, have made me a morning riser and exerciser. However, sometimes attending that class or getting to the gym is MUCH easier said than done, and subsequentally, the snooze button gets hit, and my workout gets cancelled. Here are some surefire tips for how to stop that from happening:


Pack the night before. Do you need a gym bag? A water bottle? Are you going straight to work after? Will you need to pack a lunch, a snack, and a change of clothes? Make sure you have everything that you need ready to walk out the door.

Lay your gym clothes out – and pick something you WANT to wear. This coincides with the point above, but is an extra alternative to making it to that class. If you’re excited about your outfit, and feel great, there’s extra incentive to attend.

Sleep in your gym clothes? I know this sounds pretty crazy and even a little bit uncomfortable, but it’s worth a shot. Many people say that it helps them to just get out of bed and go.

Ditch the makeup. Unless you want to take the added time to apply it. You’ll sweat it off anyway; and trust me, no one is looking at your face. They’re trying to keep their eyes open.

Go to an instructor that motivates you. There’s nothing like the mutual bond between a client and instructor who just get one another, or the instructor who brings SO much energy into the room that you are bound to have a great day. Seek out those people and you will be determined to make your class.

Finally, listen to some pump-up jams pre-workout. Nothing says it’s time to “get shit done” like a little bit of Beyonce and Kanye West. Use whatever songs motivate you and make you feel like a badass, then GET that ass to the gym.

These are just some of my favorite ways to get my workouts done in the morning and then reap the benefits for the rest of the day. Do you agree? Disagree? Have any other tips/advice? Let me know!

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